Between yesterday and tomorrow

The Terre Sainte district is constantly changing. The wooden boxes disappear to make way for concrete. The fisherman's bar has turned into a trendy boutique. Much more modern developments occupy the seafront where the boats have also disappeared. However, a few places have not changed: the pier, the beach, the banyan trees. There are still small local shops. Traditions and modernity rub shoulders at every street corner.
Terre Sainte les Bas is transformed into a seaside resort; restaurants, top-of-the-range tourist guesthouses and Terre Sainte les Hauts where precariousness and cultural traditions remain very present. Without forgetting Tanambo, which has become a quieter city but little frequented by tourists.
In recent years, the social and architectural coherence has changed. lifestyles collide and create a gap between the historical inhabitants and the new tenants of the real estate developments.
The images show the neighborhood as it is today. It is also a question of questioning: can progress be integrated into a territory without affecting the culture of its inhabitants?

Beaudemoulin room exhibition, le Tampon - Reunion 2014
exhibition CAUE Saint Denis - Reunion 2015