Espace créole / Interface

Interface, Espace Créole is a project led by the Dala Artarchitecture collective in Durban, South Africa.
Creole space
Space appropriated by the inhabitants of a territory and which is not based on an architectural concept; which allows the free cultural expression of the inhabitants. Photographs taken on the island of Réunion.
Between Cato Manor and Warwick Junction, township residents walk every day to get to the bus station or shop at Victoriat Street Market.
On this journey along a highway; also called the City Walk by the Dala collective, installations, dance performances, video, architecture, collage of photographs were offered for fifteen days to passers-by from a disadvantaged social background who take this path. A spotlight on living conditions in the post-apartheid era.
Artistic residence within the framework of the International Congress of Architecture of Durban with the collective DALA Artarchitecture July 2014