sky and ground

I started using a pinhole camera in 2009
The Ciels et Terre series offers landscapes that transcend reality through a slow temporality. Forgotten places, full of real or imaginary stories. The images open onto a space of active and poetic contemplation.
- Art Center of the city of Saint Pierre - 2011
- Group exhibition, the other side of the island - Léon Dierx Museum - 2015

The other side of the island
Cartographers reveal the island to the world, a tiny point in the Indian Ocean or a particular map with vague contours. The writing, reliable or totally fanciful, also made it possible to imagine the mountains, the volcano, the coasts, the vegetation, the inhabitants. Maps and writings then nourish the idea that we have of the island territory for more than a century.
It was late, during the 19th century, that drawings, paintings, prints, photographs of the island or its population appeared, thus contributing to constituting an imagery around the projection of an island, a geography and its its practices. The island is this profile emerging from the oceans, this territory on which identities will be forged over time, through beliefs in elsewhere.
The exhibition does not show any hidden side of the island, by definition invisible, but takes another look at the visible side of the island, focuses on different points of view that allow us to feel all the complexity and the richness of a culture, of an identity. The reverse is a theme that can be applied to all the places whose place we are systematically shown by insisting on the importance of this side as if we should never look elsewhere, beyond the horizon. #974- Exposition collective, l'Envers de l'île - Musée Léon Dierx - 2015