Kaniki, this little piece of time offered to the reader, this Sunday escapade, is a traditional recipe usually tasted on days of change of air, days when one escapes, days when one is "in party bon la mèr": it is a zanbrokal, a mixture of the daily dish - rice - and the usual condiment - beans - in one and the same dish, to make one and the same taste, spicy.
Kaniki, a small taste of everyday life, made of the simplicity of these words and these gestures, thanks to a skilful mix of expressions from here, captured by the gaze of a walker. In short, it's a story of the eye, subtly resting on the edge of a skylight, to succeed in producing not postcards (are we not tired of these yellow sand beaches so abundantly frequented but so little inhabited?), but many portraits: black and white portraits of women, men and children who illustrate the words of their language through their bodies and their gestures.
Analog photography - Leica M6 and Pinhole 2013