Bois sous tôle

Abandoned, it blends into the landscape. From another era, it is doomed to disappear. It was resplendent with its shingle walls, colorful roof and flower garden. Several generations may have lived in this pure Creole style residence.
Vegetation crawls on the walls, creepers settle in the dining room, nature regains its place. Under the foliage, we can still make out a little the wood of the lambrequin which adorned the facade. Inside, the floor is crumbling, over time the flowers on the wallpaper have faded. One day, she is there, the next day, she is replaced by a concrete box, another life begins...
At the edge of the roads, the wooden huts under sheet metal are becoming increasingly rare. To remember these boxes is to keep a little of the history of Reunion in each of us.
The series of silver photographs Bois sous sheet was shown in a slideshow accompanied by a poetic text by Stéphane Hoarau and a musical creation by Stéphane Boquet.

- Crossroads of Contemporary Art of the city of Le Tampon - Reunion Island 2010
- C A U E Saint Denis - Reunion Island 2011